Octo Airsouce 3 Complete

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  • Streamlined for peace of mind, the redesigned and refined Airsource regulator combines a high-performance second stage with a breathable power inflator. Unlike a traditional octopus, take comfort knowing that the Airsource is right in front of you ready to deliver air in a moment's notice.


    • Conveniently Positioned Deliver life-saving air at a moment’s notice: the Airsource sits right in front of you throughout your dive.
    • Pneumatically Balanced The second stage is pneumatically balanced for consistent breathing throughout your dive. Ideal for use with over-balanced first stages.
    • Lightweight Flexi-Hose New, lighter-weight flexi-hose is softer, making it easier to pull open the rapid exhaust valve. Includes clips and recessed areas to accommodate your MP hose.
    • Trim Grip The Trim Grip control in the middle of the flexi-hose lets you dump air from your BCD during ascent without removing the mouthpiece.
    • Soft-touch Purge Cover Located on the bottom, the soft-touch purge cover prevents accidental activation in strong currents.
    • Travel-Friendly The Airsource quickly separates from its bayonet mount on the BCD at the Trim Grip so that you can pack it with the complete regulator. 


    Type of second stage Pneumatically balanced
    Mouthpiece Comfo-bite
    Hose Braided, flexi, lightweight
    Weight 1.3 lbs
    Outer body Over-molded
    Trim Grip detachable
    Dust covers 2 included
    Nitrox compatible Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box


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